The Centrefold Trailer is a standard box trailer that folds up to just a third of its size for easy storage. The trailer takes roughly one minute to fold and, once folded, can be easily and safely wheeled into position by one person using the extra jockey wheel for added stability. With a footprint 3 times smaller than that of a conventional box trailer, there's room in your garage for a car AND a trailer.

How to fold the Centrefold Trailer

1. Open and lift both side panels

5. Lift rear to upright position

Trailer folded ready for storage

2. Release the rear locking bar

6. Trailer fully folded

3. Lift front to upright position

7. Lock rear in upright position with Locking Catch

4. Lock front in upright position with Locking Catch

8. Lock away Locking Bar

See it in Action

See how easy the Centrefold Trailer is to fold and store in the video.

The centrefold trailer was also featured on "The New Inventors" TV show, find out more here

The centrefold trailer takes no time to unhook, fold and store away, see how easy it is in the video.

See how the centrefold trailer performs just like a conventional trailer - even on rough surfaces.

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